About Contracting Sector:

Ewan for Contracting is one of the pioneering and ambitious companies in the contracting world in KSA. It relies on constant principles materialized in serving the country and the citizens and contributing to pushing the movement of building and development. The Company is committed to providing building, construction and maintenance services. The Company is one of the cornerstones of the contracting and developmental activities in KSA. Throughout the last period, the Company was developed and it became one of the pioneering companies in the contracting field.

In order to realize its ambitious goals and plans, the Company built several complexes for the Group's Furnished Apartments Sector and it executed the new branches of the Company. It also implemented a number of governmental and private projects (including commercial, residential and industrial projects).
The Company includes a large number of high-profile and excellent-performance engineers and employees under a professional management of specialists in the field of the contracting industry.

Thank God, the Company has the assets, tools, equipment, human energies, financial and other resources to vitally play its assigned role in the field of construction and contracting and support its sister companies in other sectors.

Its slogan is commitment, reliability and honesty in work so as to be the pioneer of the construction and building sector and secure benefit for us and our highly-respected customers.

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